Building Features
-The Building

Tower Façade
Polished granite and tinted glass with anodised aluminium fins and hoods assisting in heat load control.

Main Foyer
The main foyer has a glazed canopy that is 50m long and a ceiling 14m high. The walls are travertine marble with exfoliated granite floors. The main entrance doors have bi-parting cylindrical glazing.

Fire Protection
QV.1 is fully sprinklered with 2 hose reels per floor, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. The escape stairwells are pressurized.

The double glazed floor to ceiling glass (sills 150mm) windows have a 10mm outer, 6mm inner with mullion spacing of 1600mm.

Sun Control
For greater sun control QV.1 has aluminium shades and fins, double-glazing and tinted outer glass.

There is full access flooring throughout the building and lightweight concrete in steel panels. 125mm of clear space for cabling, finished in quality carpet modules.

Tower Core
The forty-three storey Tower (38 office levels, ground floor 2 plant room levels and 2 basement levels) has a square, reinforced concrete core measuring 21.5 metres on each side, symmetrical on the north-south axis but eccentric to the east-west axis.

In addition to accommodating the service risers, elevator shafts and stairwells, the core takes lateral forces such as wind loading. The core is rotated 45 degrees to the main building axis so that a number of its long concrete walls are perpendicular to the broad vertical face of the building exposed to the dominant south wind.

The Tower's vertical bearing structure is formulated around its square central core 21.5m on each side and twenty perimeter columns spaces 7.3m apart.


Office Areas


Office Floors
The quality of the column-free office accommodation is enhanced by the spectacular views, uninterrupted by floor to ceiling glazing. Some floors also feature sky garden balconies. A typical column free floor space ranges up to 1722 m² with a 14-metre core to perimeter span. Each level (except Level 1) have tea rooms and boiling water units. The washrooms contain granite vanity basins, laminate partitions, full height mirrors, tiled walls and floors and electronic flusherettes.

Interfloor Stairs
Installation possible for multi-floor tenants at tenants' cost.

Ceilings & Lighting
Composed of mineral fibre tiles with one way exposed grid and recessed fluorescent fittings with open parabolic lens diffuser. The intensity is 500 lux (open plan).

Air Conditioning
Air handling units on each floor providing floor-by-floor air conditioning. Chillers and boilers in Level 39 plant room. There are 8 air changes per hour and 36 zones per floor. Computer control modulates the conditions and detects and locates faults. After Hours Air Conditioning is available on tenant call-up with personal pin number.

Plumbing Zones
The zones extend to within 3 metres of perimeter window line.

Heavy Loading Zones
These are within central core and extending to 3.5 metres from core. The live load (office areas) is 4kpa and the dead load is 1kpa. The core perimeter and core storage are 7.5kpa.


Retail Plaza

The QV.1 Retail Plaza provides a pleasant environment under tropical palms, with clusters of seating and tables against the backdrop of the QV.1 waterfall.

The Plaza features a large variety of retailers providing a wide range of services, including a number of food outlets, both take-away and dine-in, such as the licensed Matsuri Japanese restaurant, the classy CODA QV.1 and PastaCup and the less formal Croissant Express and M.Y.O.

Other retailers include QV.1 News newsagency, Head Office for Hair hairdressers, QV.1 Dental and on Murray Street.
The Retail Plaza tenants are: 
  ATA Engineering (Hay Street Showrooms)   
  CODA QV.1 
  Croissant Express 
  Head Office for Hair and Body (Hay Street Showrooms)  
  Matsuri Japanese Restaurant  
  NYC Pizza
  Lunchbox 1
  QV.1 News 
  QV.1 Dental (Hay Street Showrooms)
  Worldwide Online Printing (Hay Street Showrooms)

Also located in the Retail Plaza (Upper Level) are: 
  QV.1 Management Office (CB Richard Ellis) 


Telecommunication Facilities

QV.1 features two dedicated telecommunications rooms housing a number of the major telecommunications and internet service providers (ISP).

Telecommunications Room #1
This room as space for 22 equipment racks. The features include:

  • Antistatic flooring
  • Vesda fire detection
  • Dry pipe fire sprinkler pre-action system
  • UPS power available
  • Standard 10 amp single phase 240V supply to each rack
  • Dedicated computer room style air-conditioning
  • CCTV security camera
  • Access control reader to entry door
  • 24-hour access via security office


    Standby Power

  • 100% general power, security and emergency services
  • 100% lifts
  • Full fresh air cycle
  • 100% lighting



    Health & Fitness

    Gymnasium and Court Facilities
    The landscaped roof of the public car park incorporates the QV.1 Health Club, comprising a modern gymnasium providing lockers, change-rooms, toilet and shower facilities, a multi-purpose basketball, netball, volleyball court, and three tennis courts.

    These facilities are available to all tenants of QV.1.

    The QV.1 access control system provides full security control via key-card operation.

    After-hours access
    After-hours access to the office tower and Executive Car Park is only available via security access card . The system also provides for security access to individual floors during business hours if required by tenants. Building security is supplemented by 24-hour on-site security guards, CCTV monitoring, and a perimeter intercom system.

    Lift Data
    Each passenger lift has polished granite walls and stainless steel doors and control panels. The goods lifts dimensions are 1,795D x 1,900W x 3,000H, Capacity 1,800 kg. The basement is serviced by 6 lifts (1 high-rise, 1 medium-rise, 1 low rise, 2 lobby-rise, 1 goods). Further lift details:

  • High rise: 6 lifts (23-person), and 1,100mm door openings
  • Medium rise: 5 lifts (23-person), and 1,100mm door openings
  • Low rise: 5 lifts (23-person), and 1,100mm door openings
  • Lobby rise: 2 lifts (16-person), 1,000mm door openings
  • Goods lift (1,800kg), 1,400mm door openings
  • Hay Street Car Park: 2 lifts (16-person)
  • Retail Plaza: 1 lift (16-person)


    Executive Car Park to main foyer

  • QV.1 offers a variety of services for its visitors and tenants. Some of these services are:

    Courier and Mailroom Services
    To satisfy the demand for prompt, efficient and controlled mail (receipt and dispatch) and courier deliveries, QV.1 provides a central mail-handling facility located in the basement of the office tower.

    QV.1 runners regularly visit all floors of the office tower to deliver and collect mail and courier articles. The mail-handling facility provides a fast turn-around, efficient recording of receipts and dispatches, and ensures a high level of security.

    The Mailroom service operates Monday to Friday (business days) from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.

    Deliveries and Service Mail (via Central Mail room) Couriers are prohibited from the main foyer. All goods are delivered via Basement Goods Receivable Area, adjacent to goods lift and there is parking available for service vehicles.

    Freedom for the Disabled
    Every entry point in the building that is available to able-bodied persons is also available to disabled persons.

    All lobby access doors feature automatic control for ease of entry and departure and are of a suitable width for all commonly used hand and motor-driven conveyances.

    Within the office tower, disabled washrooms are located on Level 15 and 25 and in the Executive Car Park. Disabled washrooms are also located on the western side of the Retail Plaza area.

    In the event of emergency, there are recessed safety zones for disabled persons on each fire escape.

    Storage Facilities
    QV.1 features a range of storage rooms on the Executive Car Park and basement levels, ranging from 10m² to 150m². All storage rooms are lockable and secure.

    Security storage provides tenants with the opportunity for on-site archiving, thereby providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to taking up office space for that purpose.